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The Pizza Guild is a social group focused on creating awesome tools and opportunities for gamers artists and content creators- Powered by HIVE and Web3.

Trade PIZZA tokens on Hive-Engine
Buy Steam Games with HBD or PIZZA tokens
Join our growing gaming Guild and Scholar program
DeFi Liquidity Pools w Rewards
Power Up Pizza or Delegate HP to for daily rewards
Staking 20 or more PIZZA tokens will allow you to invoke the PIZZA command and award other slices of pizza.

Thanks for voting for Pizza community witnesses:

pizza.witness (Hive)
pizza-engine (Hive-Engine)
pizza.spk (SpkNetwork)
pizza.duat (Ragnarok)
pizza-dlux (DLUX)




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Token Details

Token Type Reward Token
MarketCap $ 43 208.926
Max Supply
100 000 000.000
Circulating Supply 1 795 058.340
Burn 1 232 444.810
Stake 245 832.450
Max Price $0.026
Lower Price $0.02366